Redtail (ThunderClan) is a small, dark, dappled tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive bushy ginger tail as red as fox fur, and feathered ears.


Current: StarClan


Past: ThunderClan

Age: 47 Moons (3.5 Years) At Death

Death: Killed By Tigerstar


Kit: Redkit

Apprentice: Redpaw

Warrior: Redtail

Deputy: Redtail

StarClan: Redtail


Father: Adderfang

Mother: Swiftbreeze

Brother: Patchfoot

Sisters: Spottedleaf,Willowpelt,Leopardfoot

Mate: Brindleface

Daughter: Sandstorm

Mentor(s): Sparrowpelt

Apprentice(s): Dustpaw

Deputy Position:

Succseded By: Bluestar

Succseded By: Lionheart

Living: Bluestar's prophecy,Crookedstar's Promise,Yellowfang's Secret,Tallstar's Revenge,Into the wild.

(No Story)

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