Bluestar (ThunderClan) Edit

Bluestar is a broad-shouldered, large, lithe,hard-muscled, pale blue-gray she-cat with soft, thick, long fur, a broad face and head, silver hair tinged around her muzzle and tail, a torn ear, a scar that parts the fur across her shoulders, a long, sleek tail, and luminous,ice-blue eyes.


Current: StarClan

Past: ThunderClan

Age: 78 Moons (6.5 Years Old) At Death at Death

Cause of Death: Drowned


Kit: Bluekit (ThunerClan)

Apprentice: Bluepaw (ThunderClan)

Warrior: Bluefur (ThunderClan)

Queen: Bluefur (ThunderClan)

Deputy: Bluefur (ThunderClan)

Leader: Bluestar (ThunderClan)

StarClan: Bluestar (ThunderClan)


Father: Stormtail (ThunderClan)

Mother: Moonflower (ThunderClan)

Sister: Snowfur (ThunderClan)

Mate: Oakheart (RiverClan)

Son: Stonefur (RiverClan)

Daughters: Mistystar (RiverClan),Mosskit (ThunderClan)

Mentor(s): Stonepelt (ThunderClan),Sunstar (ThunderClan)

Apprentice(s): Frostfur (ThunderClan),Runningwind (ThunderClan),Firestar (ThunderClan)

Leader Position:

Preceded By: Sunstar

Succeeded By: Firestar

Deputy Position:

Preceded By: Tawnyspots

Succeeded By: Redtail

Living: Bluestar's Prophecy,Crookedstar's promise,Yellowfang's secret,Tallstar's revenge,Into the wild,Fire and ice,Forest of secrets,Rising storm,A dangerous path.

"Hi My Name's Bluestar." Mewed Bluestar. "I'm Leader of ThunderClan." She Mewed. "And Today Me And Redtail are Going to Tell you a Little Story About Redtail." Mewed Bluestar. Redtail Stepped Out. "Hello." Mewed Redtail. "What Did You Need Me For?" Mewed Redtail. "I Need You To Tell (Your Name) About Your Life As a Apprentice." Mewed Bluestar. "Oh Ok." Mewed Redtail. *The Story Is Called Redpaw's Apprenticeship.* "Well SunStar Had Made Me An Apprentice." Mewed Redtail. "and then he Sent Out a Patrol With Me My Mentor Sparrowpelt and Adderfang My Father." Mewed Redtail. "Me,Sparrowpelt and Adderfang Smelt Dog." Mewed Redtail. "So Sparrowpelt told me to To Get Help." Mewed Redtail. "I Got Sunstar." Mewed Redtail. "Me and Sunstar got Back But it was too late Adderfang was dead and Sparrowpelt had half his tail torn off." Mewed Redtail. "Three Moons Later i became a warrior." Mewed Redtail. "In the End Me,Sunstar and Bluestar at that time Bluefur went after the dog." Mewed Redtail. "in the end sunstar died and Bluestar became leader." Mewed Redtail. "Sparrowpelt was named Halftail. and I Got my apprentice Dustpaw and became Deputy." Mewed Redtail. "The end." Mewed Redtail.

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